The dream of balancing one's professional and private life is already a reality at MEKRA Lang.

By providing practical means for achieving a work-life balance, we want to empower our employees to build successful professional careers around their personal interests.
This basic perspective hinges on the ability to balance family and work life.

This is why general manager Susanne Lang has made it her personal mission to integrate work and family life in her own family-run enterprise. Thanks to the personal commitment of the Lang family, MEKRA Lang today is able to offer an in-house childcare system that employees in other companies can only dream about.

Our company-owned childcare facility is open year-round and offers full day care services for children from 6 months to 12 years old. The facility is open from 5:30 am to 6 pm to accomodate the various work shifts. For school children, vacation time care is also available. The childcare facility adheres to the Maria Montessori teaching philosophy. One day per week spent in the forest (regardless of weather) is just as much part of the pedagogical program as is balanced nutrition in the form of a hot meal for lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day. 

In the afternoon, school children can concentrate on doing their homework in a special room under the helpful guidance of a trained educator.

We live up to our local responsibility by creating jobs and training opportunities, and now also by offering our own day care facility in order to provide our employees with modern options for finding a true balance between work and family life, says managing director Susanne Lang.
This is the way I grew up myself and this is why we named our non-profit childcare facility the 'Frieda Lang Haus für Kinder gGmbH' because it all began with one very strong woman, my grandmother Frieda Lang.
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