Camera monitor systems constitute one of the top priorities in MEKRA Lang's development work. This technology allows the driver to get an unobstructed view of limited-visibility areas around a vehicle, e.g. blind spots, the rear of a vehicle or the work areas of agricultural and construction machines.
In the course of the development of a new camera, test drives are performed under a variety of weather conditions. We examine how changes in light and shade impact image display and how various settings influence the performance of electronic imaging components. The different camera mounting positions on the vehicle are of great importance as well. The front-view camera systems have been homologated under Directive 2003/97/EC and so far represent the first systems approved by the German Technical Inspection Agency "TÜV" for this purpose.

MEKRA Lang also focusses on the development of electronic components for rear-view mirrors. These are microcontroller circuits for mirror positioning and heating as well as indicator modules for the display of sensor data in mirrors.
Through comprehensive test drives and demanding acceptance testing we ensure that our products not only meet state-of-the-art requirements but also hold up under the demands of every-day traffic.

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