Light Commercial Vehicles

Safety on the roads is our highest goal. So it is appropriate that we apply our many years of experience in the areas of camera and sensor systems for trucks and busses to the area of light commercial vehicles.
We develop and deliver high-quality mirror systems for all of the current Sprinter categories, as well as those which came before. Our global presence allows us to provide our product solutions all over the world. With our 19 international locations we are always near our customers and their manufacturing sites, ensuring quick response times and close coordination.

Thanks to our local development and implementation capabilities, we can offer the ideal solution for every vehicle regardless of location. Whether it be exterior or interior mirror applications - at MEKRA Lang quality is no coincidence but the result of our decades of development expertise and experience.

MEKRA Lang - uncompromising flexibility!
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More on Vision and Visibility

Information on the Radius of Curvature (DE - 1,7 MB)

Directives and Field of Vision Classifications (DE - 1,1 MB)