MEKRA Lang is among Germany's Top Innovators

MEKRA Lang is among the winners of an exclusive study to identify and highlight  15 of the most successful and innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. The 3rd annual study was conducted by the Munich-based business consultants company Munich Strategy Group (MSG) in conjunction with Industry and Commerce Week (Handelsblatt).
The goal is to increase public awareness of middle-sized German companies.  Currently, middle-sized businesses are regarded as the backbone of the German economy due to their strong innovative power, and many of these businesses already have established themselves as little-known world market leaders (hidden champions).
The winners of the study were chosen from 3,500 German  companies which generate sales between 10 million and 1 billion euros.  These companies then undergo a multi-stage selection process, with only 400 companies emerging from the narrowed selection.
Companies that generated more than 25 percent of their sales with products that have just emerged in the past four years were rated as innovative. Economic indicators such as sales and profit growth were included in one third of the evaluation. The successful positioning of the company in the market and the motivation of the employees were further criteria.
MEKRA Lang, a family-owned company with over 2,500 employees and the world's  leading producer of mirror systems and camera-monitor systems in the commercial vehicle segment, ranked in 12th place. See the photo gallery of the study and MEKRA Lang's award at the following link from Industry and Commerce Week, November 11, 2016:
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