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In our quest to provide drivers of commercial vehicles with total surround vision and to make the blind spot a thing of the past, we have developed and marketed the very first camera system fully suitable for automotive requirements.
As an expert provider of surround vision systems, it is MEKRA Lang's declared goal to offer optimally integrated and harmonized mirror and camera systems for enhanced traffic safety. Therefore, we welcome the fact that it has now become legally permissible to replace front mirrors with a camera system.

The MEKRA Lang camera is the first solution officially approved by the German Technical Inspection Agency "TÜV" for this purpose.

This system enables drivers to assess clearances and hazardous situations much more effectively. After all, a lot is at stake: the safety of the driver and the other road users, and - above all - the safety of our children.

Due to its suitability for the automotive sector, the new MEKRA Lang camera can be used for all commercial and recreational vehicles, such as
  • busses
  • trucks
  • recreational vehicles
  • agricultural vehicles
  • special vehicles
  • construction vehicles
It complies with EU Directive 2003/97/EC as well as with all relevant CEN and DIN provisions and the requirements of protection rating IP 69K. This means that our camera works flawlessly, even after high-pressure steam cleaning.

Our camera monitor systems comprise one camera, one monitor, and one control unit for up to 4 cameras (cables included). They are available through the distribution networks of the respective vehicle manufacturers, our sales partners or directly from us. MEKRA Lang also offers individual camera boards for system installation, e.g. for use in multi-purpose security cameras.

Camera monitor systems by MEKRA Lang are progressive, innovative and versatile, offering front, side and rear view options.

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