Tradition and modernity - in the mirror of time

Production engineering at the interface of tradition and innovation

MEKRA Lang's products and technology reflect both cornerstones of the company
At MEKRA Lang, relying on the tried and true serves as a solid foundation for successful planning while progress is ensured through consistent technological development and evolution.

Our customers can rest assured that they will be able to obtain replacement mirrors for their vehicle types from us for fifteen years after the end of serial production. At the same time, our products are always at the forefront of technological development, as we keep developing and perfecting cutting-edge facilities and processes.

At MEKRA Lang, production innovation means that any technical insights we gain will be directly translated into practical applications. MEKRA Lang keeps meeting these challenging market demands day after day, by offering customized solutions while ensuring the highest degree of quality management.

MEKRA Lang - where innovation is a tradition!
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