As a systems supplier for all leading truck manufacturers, MEKRA Lang is able to provide a complete range of services -

all at the highest technical level - from the design phase through initial production to subsequent volume supply, and even well after series production has ended.
For years, MEKRA Lang has developed innovative solutions to meet our customers' requirements and expectations. Take for example our innovative camera systems for improved visibility directly in front of and behind the vehicle. Or our in-mirror parking assist systems featuring LEDs imbedded in the mirror glass to provide feedback to the driver during parking or reversing maneuvers. Our mirrors can be combined with warning systems as well. For example, a symbol lighting up in the mirror glass when a moving object approaches the vehicle in the driver's blind spot.

MEKRA Lang mirrors feature aerodynamic and design characteristics which meet all of our customers' special needs. We focus on the introduction of innovative product and process solutions, both internally and externally, and along the supply chain to the vehicle manufacturers.

The fact that we consistently receive the highest safety ratings in the industry is not only due to our groundbreaking innovations but also to our wholistic approach to safety. The purpose of a motor vehicle is to transport people and goods. Safety concerns are of central and critical importance to any development project at MEKRA Lang.

But it is truck drivers in particular who can rely on us. They can rest assured, for example, that we will be able to provide them with the appropriate mirrors for their trucks long after series production has ended. In addition, our extensive dealer network ensures optimum service performance with the highest degree of accessibility.

MEKRA Lang - better safe than sorry!
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