Girls' and Boys' Day 2017

Ergersheim, 27/04/2017

The annual Girls' and Boys' Day took place at MEKRA on April 27, 2017. Just as in previous years, the company agreed to take ten girls and boys from grades 5 to 10 for the day to give them a little insight into so-called “typical” men’s and women’s professions. The day is also intended to help make career decisions easier later on, so that a girl may consider a technical profession and not be immediately repelled for example. The five participating girls were able to take a look into the professions of Tool Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Physics Lab Technician and Process Mechanic for plastics and rubber technology. The boy who was participating this year took the opportunity to gain insight into the profession of Child Educator.

After a short introductory round, a brief look back at the company’s history through Heinrich Lang and a short company tour, the young man was taken to the Frieda Lang Haus and immediately welcomed by the children and staff. After a long and very informative day, he was brought back to the company and shared his impressions and experiences with the girls in a final feedback round.

Meanwhile, the five girls jumped from one job to another over a five hour period of time. They were able to produce their own workpiece which they could take home with them at the end. The workpiece consisted of a foundation which was produced in the plastic technology area with an injection molding machine and of a prefabricated aluminum cube which they had to mill and drill in the tool shop. The entire thing was then screwed together in the metalworking area.

After the girls were refreshed by a delicious lunch, they went into the next job of Physics Lab Technician. In the Lab they conducted a couple of experiments, such as testing and comparing the hardness of mineral water and tap water. After a short feedback round, the girls went home with smiling faces.

All in all it was a very successful day with lots of fun and many new experiences. We are certain that the participants will look back and remember this day and take it into consideration when they are making their career choices.

Marlen W., Trainee for digital media designer