Karin G.

I am very happy that I found such interesting work so close to home.

In 2010, I made a lateral move, so to speak, from public service to MEKRA Lang. This switch to the private sector was in itself exciting, and I started my new position as team leader in the reception area with great expectations. My colleagues warmly welcomed me and were eager to help me get settled in. Within a short time, I was able to build up a trusted network of co-workers which is absolutely essential for my job.

Initially, I was in charge of a small team of three employees. I had free reign to design processes and organizational structures including those related to the company image, which played right to my strengths. My work allowed me to put my creativity and organizational talents to good use. As part of Internal Organization, I am also involved in planning company events and I represent the company at international trade fairs. I was able to attend several leadership seminars so that I was well prepared for my responsibilities in this area as well. In 2015, I assumed the position of group manager for Cleaning, Catering & Services in addition to my responsibilities as team leader in the reception area. This required a whole new skill set which I have been able to acquire.

I am very excited about how family-friendly and employee-focused the company is. Unfortunately, my children were too old to enjoy facilities like childcare, pre-school and private elementary school with hours you don’t find anywhere else.

Still, there are a lot of benefits for me as an employee which I appreciate and like to use. This includes freshly ground coffee from a fully automated machine, free access to water coolers, a wide variety of healthy, fresh food as well as wellness services such as mobile massages at the workplace, foot reflexology massages or flu vaccinations and consultations with the company physician.
Add to this the annual free Christmas Party with plenty of food, company celebrations and so much more... things which I had never experienced before I joined MEKRA Lang.

I am very happy to have found such interesting work so close to home, with many nice colleagues and many opportunities to get actively involved. I am excited and look forward to what the future at MEKRA will hold for me.