Kira A.

No workday is the same.

After I completed my vocational training as an industrial mechanic at the College of Mechanical Engineering in May 2014, I got my first job with a facade construction company at Lake Starnberg near Munich. Since early 2016, I have been with Lang Technics, the subsidiary of MEKRA Lang.

As part of the Maintenance team, I am responsible for the industrial and manufacturing equipment and thus for ensuring that our mirror production runs smoothly without interruptions and variations in quality. Maintenance includes service, inspections and repairs, and I take care of all of them when I am on call.

I like the excellent infrastructure in the company; I can park my car on the company-owned parking lot right in front of our company every day.

Lang Technics’ informal and lean hierarchy helped me integrate quickly into the team and feel at home. My colleagues support each other, and our co-department heads make sure that everything is perfectly coordinated and they gladly chip in as needed.

The different personalities in my department keep things lively, people motivate each other and are also there for each another outside work. The broad expertise of each individual team member is a solid foundation that especially benefits our apprentices.

It is my job to keep things running by placing orders and entering them in the system, updating the maintenance database, scheduling training dates and - of course - helping with maintenance. No workday is the same.

I am proud to be a member of such a professional team.