CO2 savings through optimization of the compressed air system at Lang Technics

Compressed air is considered one of the most expensive forms of energy, as only between five and ten percent of the energy used can be used as compressed air energy. 

The majority is generated as waste heat or escapes through leaks on its way to the application. This is why special attention must be paid here. 

The compressed air system at Lang Technics consisted of three compressors with a fixed output, which were switched on or off in different cycles depending on consumption. 

By combining this with a speed-controlled compressor, an intelligent solution was found to operate the compressed air system more efficiently and prevent unnecessary energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


The following effects were achieved: 

In order to be able to take a quicker look at the consumption and status of the compressed air system in the future, a dashboard was created with our energy data management software. This can be viewed so that a quick reaction can be made in the event of unexpected deviations.