Original spare parts for MEKRA Lang mirror and camera monitor systems, of uncompromising and proven OEM quality, are also available in the independent aftermarket!

We have supported the aftermarket for decades by providing service and promotional assistance ensuring that only verified original parts are installed. With a portfolio of over 1,000 items we can provide any spare part and replacement system for any type of commercial vehicle at any time.

Component Overview

In addition to complete systems, MEKRA Lang also makes all of the important spare parts and accessories available separately and therefore inexpensively, depending on the degree of wear and tear and/or damage. Since we are the OEM for all of the leading vehicle manufacturers, we supply the independent aftermarket with original parts only.

Mirror Head

It is the heart and soul of any mirror system and has to be robust, rugged and vibration-resistant.

Glass / Glass Unit

Using the correct glass is essential. Perfect vision can only be achieved with a glass unit that offers the correct accuracy of fit, reflection and curvature.

Mounting Rod

Connects the mirror head with the vehicle. Stability is of utmost importance.


Creates an elegant look and reduces air resistance which is why highest accuracy of fit is of essential importance.

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