Our logistics department is responsible for ensuring optimized intra- and inter-company flows of semi-finished and finished products. Internal transportation is organized according to the "milk run" principle. By using a fixed routine for supplying our assembly lines with material, we minimize cost and provide better control of internal procurement. KANBAN-controlled material replenishment for assembly lines ensures lean inventory management and fast production.

Lean Logistics

As a non-value-adding activity, lean logistics is responsible for eliminating itself as much as possible and for optimizing connections among value-adding processes. To achieve these goals or to get ever closer to their implementation, we have used lean tools since 2006 and continue to refine and improve their application: 5S, FIFO, Heijunka, Kaizen, Kanban, Milk Run and Supermarket.

Warehousing Systems

To optimize our storage facilities, we use a fully automated high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 6,600 euro pallets. Achieving a throughput of 136 pallets per hour, the high-bay warehouse forms the core of our dynamic, fast, and powerful intralogistics operations. We use additional tray lifts to make optimum use of the ceiling height and to make work processes and material staging more efficient.

Supply Systems

As a systems supplier, we use various delivery systems to provide our customers with the production volumes they require at the precise time they are needed. From traditional batch supply, to just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply, we ensure safe and timely material staging for our customers’ production lines either ex factory or as service provider at their premises. We also work with various standard electronic data interchange (EDI) formats.

Using systems and planning tools like SAP and wayRTS by Wassermann AG, we continuously optimize our production, inventory and run-times which in turn ensures an error-free and precise delivery performance. To support theses processes we have developed sophisticated emergency protocols for our experienced teams, guaranteeing 100% on-time delivery.