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A Family Enterprise Becomes a Global Player

The Lang Group had its humble beginnings in a small back-alley workshop in the Bavarian town of Fürth. Today, this innovative family enterprise has become the worldwide leading manufacturer of vision systems for the commercial vehicle industry. With a workforce of about 2.900 employees it operates 7 locations in 7 countries.

Origins & History

In 1932, in a back alley basement in the Bavarian town of Fürth, newlyweds Hans and Frieda Lang founded a small mirror workshop which would eventually become the Lang Group. The young couple named its brand new enterprise “Spiegelfabrik Ing. Hans Lang” and set out to manufacture hand-held and pocket mirrors. Initially, the company’s business focus was glass silvering and mirror glass processing.

The founders' sons and the company’s managing directors since 1960, Heinrich and Günter Lang, began specializing in the production of smaller mirrors. In 1964, the company relocated to larger premises in Schuckertstraße in Fürth/Stadeln to be able to meet the increasing demand for its products. After relocation, the brothers purchased their first injection molding system and took up the production of rear view mirrors for commercial vehicles and passenger cars as well as plastic parts manufacturing. These products turned out to be so successful that in 1978, after the acquisition of MEtallwaren KRAuse - a highly respected Fürth company with a rich business tradition - the company launched its Ergersheim operations laying the foundation for what has become today's MEKRA Lang.

Over the years, the product portfolio steadily expanded from mirrors and mirror systems to proprietary camera monitor and mirror replacement systems. In 2004 the company expanded by adding the Lang Technics division which specializes in mirror glass development and production.

Today the third generation of Langs is at the helm of the successful family enterprise. Susanne Lang as Managing Partner and Dr. Werner Lang as Managing Director are responsible for the company.

A success story from its very beginning, MEKRA Lang has become the worldwide leading manufacturer of vision systems for the commercial vehicle industry, with a workforce of about 2900 employees and operations in 7 locations in 7 countries around the globe. By offering an extensive portfolio of innovative products and solutions, the Lang Group of Companies has become a valued partner of virtually all leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, a systems supplier of mirror and camera monitor systems and a trusted vendor for the truck, construction equipment, agricultural machine, bus and recreational vehicle and light commercial vehicle segments.

Family Enterprise

When the Lang family founded its small mirror manufacturing enterprise in 1932, the groundwork was laid for today’s Lang Group, a global player with the third generation of Langs still at its helm. The Lang name not only stands for innovative and high-quality products, but also for social responsibility towards the company’s more than 2900 employees worldwide.

It has always been our philosophy to put people first in everything we do, and our principles of commitment and openness apply to both our customers and our personnel. One of our focal points has been to support our employees both professionally and socially by providing training and development chances for honing their skills and qualifications on a continuous basis. Another responsibility we take very seriously is the development of young talent. We encourage both our high school trainees and apprentices to take advantage of our various development possibilities.

In addition to providing a number of attractive employee benefits and a variety of health services, it is our goal as a family enterprise to support our employees in finding their ideal work-life balance. Our company’s “founding mother”, Mrs. Frieda Lang, was an early pioneer in balancing job and family responsibilities, making it a company tradition that has been upheld to this very day. To support this philosophy, we offer our employees a variety of flextime options and pension schemes as well as all-day childcare services in our “Frieda Lang Haus” daycare center. Our educational staff attends the Children with love in our preschool/kindergarden and our own elementary school.

Paradigm Shift

To maintain our position as market leader, one of our goals is to continue to grow through innovation. By combining experience, know-how and creativity, we develop new products to help our customers meet their present and future challenges. We aim at achieving technological break-throughs and want to actively participate in setting industry trends, from initial concepts to full-scale commercial production. We have made it our mission to actively participate in shaping the future of indirect vision systems for commercial vehicles by including electronic mirror replacement systems in our portfolio.

In addition to continuously optimizing our mirrors and mirror systems which cover ever larger fields of vision, we also develop camera monitor systems in our own in-house laboratories. Our widely used mirror replacement systems impress with their functionality and ruggedness and contribute significantly to safety and efficiency at work.

As a supplier of innovative solutions, we have even gone a step further and taken field-of-vision monitoring in the commercial vehicle segment to a new level. Our mirror replacement system Vision 4.0, also developed in our in-house electronics department, is the first to replace all vehicle mirrors by HDR cameras and monitors. The corresponding fields of vision are combined and displayed on a monitor in the driver's cab. This allows the driver to assess the surrounding areas and potential hazardous conditions even faster and better. The new system assists the driver in handling the vehicle thereby further enhancing its safety.

Lean Management

The “Lean Management” philosophy was originally conceived by Toyota and implemented as the so-called Toyota Production System (TPS). At MEKRA Lang we have been using the corresponding methods and principles since 2005. During this time we successfully implemented numerous projects by establishing smooth, error-free and most of all customer-oriented business processes. We are deeply committed to the continuous and sustainable optimization of all aspects of our organization. Because “lean” matters to all. This is why we sharpen our employees’ awareness of attitudes, methods and procedures which help to create an efficient value chain.

Sales and Revenue

The Lang Groups' recent revenue and sales volume numbers have been almost exclusively on the rise. Just under 45% of the group’s revenues were generated in Europe, another 40% in Asia. The remaining 15% were accounted for by the US subsidiary. 48% of our revenues are generated in the truck segment, and 19% in the passenger car segment. About 10% of the group’s revenues are generated in the light commercial vehicle segment, and 6% in the agricultural machine and 4% in the bus/Motorhomes segments.

[1]Data: as of 2018

Social and Environmental Responsibility

From our very beginnings as a company, social commitment and the protection of people and nature have formed an integral part of our corporate philosophy. This guiding principle has been upheld by generations of the Lang family and will continue to be honored by MEKRA Lang and all of its affiliated companies.

Living up to our corporate social responsibility is extremely important to us. We are involved in various charitable activities, including a workshop for the handicapped organized by the “Lebenshilfe e.V.” initiative, sponsoring low-income families in collaboration with the church welfare and service agency “Diakonie” and supporting local youth and community projects. We are the main sponsor of the open-air theater “Freilandtheater Bad Windsheim” and also support the children’s theater “Kommando Grimm”.  Internationally, MEKRA Lang sponsors the “Deutsch-Nepalische Hilfsgemeinschaft e. V.” by providing financial support for the rebuilding of Nepalese schools which were destroyed in earthquakes.

Protecting the environment is another issue we take very seriously. In 1996 we established our “Integrated Management System” (IMS) to consolidate and coordinate our efforts in this area. Within this framework, the areas of occupational health & safety and energy management are inextricably linked to and aligned with the areas of quality assurance and environmental protection.

Occupational safety as well as health care and preventive care are of the highest priority in our company and essential elements of our environmental management system. That is why we spare no effort to effect continuous improvements in these areas in order to exceed the applicable requirements wherever possible.

Our IMS ensures compliance with the following standards and requirements: DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, ISO/TS (IATF) 16949, DIN EN ISO 50001, KBA and VDA. In addition, MEKRA Lang and Lang Technics have been active members of the“Umweltpakt Bayern”(Bavarian Environmental Pact) since 2016.