Material Handling: Accident Prevention with Vision Systems

Implementing our vision solutions ensures an unprecedented degree of safety in logistics. Take forklifts for example: Cameras mounted between or above the forks provide a perfect view of the load, making loading and unloading processes safe and efficient. Additional MEKRA Lang vision systems mounted on the A-pillars provide optimum visibility of the area behind the forklift as well.

And we can do even more. For example, we can develop vision solutions for cranes and other intralogistic vehicles. You would like us to assist you with providing safe vision solutions for your material handling operations?

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Rear View Camera and Fork Camera

The front camera mounted between the forks facilitates picking up the load, while the rear view camera provides a comprehensive view of the area behind the vehicle without losing visual track of the load.

The MEKRA fields of vision shown in ideal-typical representation may vary depending on vehicle size, shape, and mounting location. They do, however, always meet the legal minimum requirements.