Improved Safety and Efficiency with Camera Monitor Systems

As a specialist for all-around visibility solutions, it is our task to perfectly integrate mirrors, cameras and monitors in one system.

MEKRA camera monitor systems are groundbreaking, innovative and versatile solutions for front, side or rear view applications – individually or in combination. Thanks to their rugged design and excellent synergy, they are particularly well suited for rough environmental conditions.

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Our camera is based on a high-quality, modular development platform which enables us to offer camera solutions which are perfectly tailored to our customers’ specific needs and wishes.

Our camera is uniquely suited for use in agricultural machines and construction equipment, forklifts, buses, recreational vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trucks as well as fire trucks and municipal vehicles. Thanks to the camera’s modular design, it can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to the respective vehicle type.

Camera systems


Our camera monitor systems will increase your efficiency and safety at work. A properly installed system with all components securely attached can help minimize property damage and prevent personal injuries. It also comes with significant ergonomic advantages and better comfort.
Its rugged design withstands even the most extreme conditions. Its range of global applications is virtually unlimited.


Radar sensor

Additional areas around the machine are monitored by radar sensors. They alert the machine operator through visual and audible alarms when there are objects or persons in the way. Alarm tone frequency as well as visual indicators let the operator know how far away the object is. When combined with a camera system, the driver can assess the situation in one glance at the monitor.

For many years we have partnered with PRECO Electronics to offer our customers their highly successful sensors for construction equipment. The range of these sensors encompasses all relevant close-proximity and long-distance areas. Standard detection ranges are three, four and a half, six and ten meters. For special applications, up to 30 meters are possible as well.

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