Glass Production

The main, front and roof mirrors needed by MEKRA Lang (more than four million units in 2016, for example) are produced by Lang Technics, a subsidiary of the Lang Group of Companies. Using technical equipment and machinery specifically designed for mirror glass production, the company processes approximately 2,400 tons or 370,000 square meters of float glass.

The glass plates which are two or three millimeters thick are cut into rough forms for the various spherical glass caps called “calottes”. The rough forms are then bent in special ovens to form glass calottes with radii of curvature from 200 to 1200 millimeters. Afterwards, the calottes undergo a special PVD (physical vapor deposition) chrome-plating procedure. Our experts use proprietary Lang Technics equipment to perform the finishing cutting and edging tasks. For special applications, Lang Technics uses laser technology to decoat the glasses and add symbols or labeling, e.g.for the blind spot module (BSM).